Thursday, April 17, 2014

Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson Blood Bar Fight Past

Dynasty star Phil Robertson is a God-fearing — if homophobic — family patriarch and reality star. But before he found Jesus, he was a hard-partying bar owner who left two people bloodied in a bar fight! His wife Miss Kay opens up for the first time about the legendary brawl in her new book The Women of Duck Commander, media outlet, Radar Online has all of the shocking details. "I could imagine all the details!" Here is what Mrs. Kay had to say:

Phil “was cold and harsh during those days,” Miss Kay remembers of the early 1970s. “He was mean and threatening to me, and I was terrified of what would happen to my boys and me."

After his drinking forced him to leave his position as a schoolteacher, he leased  bar, and just over a year into his tenancy, the owners of the building decided to check in — and things got ugly.

“The landlords showed up one day and cussed out Phil,” Mrs. Kay writes, “saying they did not like the way he was running the place and were raising his rent. They were rough people…”
“Those people were not smart,” she continues. “They had no idea that trying to push Phil Robertson around and cuss him out would lead to disaster. He got so angry with them that he beat them up — both of them.”
She recalls, “By the time I got to the bar to try to figure out what was happening, all I saw were people being loaded into an ambulance.”

Phil, slipped out a back door,” Mrs. Kay writes. “I knew he would be in trouble with the law and the only way to avoid that would be for him to hide out in the woods." He left no word where he’d be staying, and his wife was forced to clean up his mess on her own. But it wasn’t over yet. When Phil’s victims got out of the hospital, “they put up a barricade around my trailer,” Mrs. Kay claims. “The boys and I were trapped! I couldn’t move the trailer and I couldn’t leave.”

Eventually, “They offered to drop the charges against Phil if I would pay them a certain amount of money. It was extortion, but I paid them because it was the only way I knew to clear Phil’s name and get the boys and myself away from them. I gave them almost all the money we had except a little bit that was in a lock box, and they gave me the trailer.” Not long after, she reunited with Phil, and not long after that, he found God, beginning his path to the man he is today.


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