Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's Exactly What I Meant: What Is Kate Doing With A Body Guard When The Real Celebrities Aren't Traveling With One?

"I could not stand the thought of it anymore, because it was making me sick to my stomach to think about Kate Gosselin living in "Trump Hotel" where (Kate feels right at home) as a want to be "celebrity" living with her married bodyguard, Steve Neild, Gina Neild's husband while filming for The Celebrity Apprentice in New York City.
I've notice, she always finds a way to continue over-extending her 15 minutes of fame while lining her own pocket. This time around she is in NYC filming the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice and all of the contestants are holed up at the Trump International Hotel. However, K seems to be the only one who brought along a plus one. According to the April 14th print edition of In Touch magazine Kate’s bodyguard aka married boyfriend and lover, Steve Neild, is staying with her.
Steve’s wife of a bunch of years recently posted a happy family photo on Facebook in an attempt to quiet all of whispers’ that surround the couple. Steve and Kate have had tongues wagging for years now with a rumored affair that they do little to deny. I mean they both have said that the relationship is purely professional but then they take Kate’s oldest twins to a Demi Lovato concert and spend the night being touchy feely in front of everyone. Their actions seem to speak a whole lot louder than any words that either of them have ever spoken.
Of course Kate will try to normalize having Steve with her now but the fact of the matter is that she is joined by a cast of real celebrities and none of them are traveling and staying with staff members. "This makes you wonder! I know I'm not stupid about some "hanky panky" going on in one of those rooms in Trump Hotel." please everyone, don't let " He's just a business associate fool you -- please.


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  1. I still can't understand what Kate need with a bodyguard. While the other "real celebrities" don't need one! I guess Kate thinks she special in that way or just wanted a warm body next her at night in Trumps Hotel. I betcha she's the take and the reason Jonny Weir quit, he find out Kate's there and he definitely don't care for her


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